Doris Stokes (January 6 1920- May 8 1987) was a British Psychic Medium. She was born in Grantham, Lincolnshire, as Doris Sutton. She is widely recognised as one of the greatest psychics of modern times, and it was her appearances in the media that helped to promote Spiritualism in the UK.

Doris Stokes

Work as a Medium Edit

She was a mainly Clairaudient medium, an ability that she utilitised to great success.

Conflict with James Randi Edit

Whilst listening to the radio, Stokes heard James Randi, the 'debunker of psychics' talking about her. He was calling her a fraud and a cold reader, and that he had seen her in person in January, and it was easy to spot that she was a fake. This enraged her, and she called up the radio station to talk to him. She made him the offer that, as she was 'such a fake' he should come with her to her next demonstration, and replicate her by using the methods that he accused her of. He refused, saying that he 'had better things to do'. She also confronted him about him apparently 'seeing her in January'. It transpired that she had been in hospital all through January. This showed Randi's accusations to be completely false.

Death Edit

She died in Lewisham on May 8th, 1987. Just before she passed, she heard the words 'Your life on Earth is over, your life in Spirit has begun'.